Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Map on the Wall

Once a month, I arrive home from an exhausting day of classes, meetings, and work here at the Clark Library to find a bright yellow present waiting in my mail box. That's right, it's National Geographic Day. I carry the new issue up to my apartment, tear off the pesky plastic covering, and flip through the glossy pages instead of doing that homework that I really should be doing. If it's an especially good National Geographic Day, a map will plop out of the bottom of the magazine.

I have had a subscription to National Geographic since middle school. Starting in middle school and continuing into high school, I also covered every square inch of my bedroom walls with posters. Along with the movie posters and my vintage map of Middle Earth, I hung up my favorite National Geographic supplement maps.

The first one to go up was this map of Mars which we have a copy of there are the Clark. In fact, many of the National Geographic  maps in my personal collection can also be found here.

One of the disadvantages of hanging these maps on the wall was that it meant I couldn't enjoy the backs of the maps. In most cases, I had forgotten what the backs of most of these maps looked like until I looked them up again here at the Clark. I eventually stopped hanging up my National Geographic posters because it was more fun if I could see and study both sides. In addition to being beautiful maps, these supplements have beautiful illustrations and fascinating infographics. While we would be happy to pull some of the maps in our collection for your perusal, I recommend starting your own collection. In my experience, these maps are best enjoyed when spread out on a bedroom floor.