Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Clark Library Exhibits Going Digital!

Have you visited the Clark in our new space and seen one of the many fascinating exhibits in the new display cases?  If you have been unable to visit or were not able to explore an exhibit as fully as you might have liked, the Clark exhibits are now going digital and are available through MLibrary! “The Geography of Colorants” (featured January 17- April 18, 2013) and “Travel Through Maps & Narratives” (featured August 17, 2012 - January 10, 2013) are now available online with the same content and text as the originals.  If you would like to see any of the maps, please contact the Clark and we will happily arrange for you to examine them.

“Travel Through Maps & Narratives” was curated by Melanie Langa and Grace Rother.  The exhibit explores the various reasons that humans have found to travel. Focusing on travel as close to home as the Great Lakes and as far away as Mecca, the exhibit gives a good overview of the many meanings of the word "travel".

“The Geography of Colorants” was curated and designed by Grace Rother and Sarah Helm. The exhibit was based on and inspired by the thesis The Geography of Significant Colorants: Antiquity to the Twentieth Century by Melissa Zagorski and maps from the Stephen S. Clark Library Map Collection. This exhibit explores the use of color in antique maps and the geographical origins of the colorants used to make them.

Please check back for additional exhibits coming soon.